Masha's Apartment

“But I’m not done decorating though” she says. In my opinion, you should never be done so I ignored her of course. Your living space is a snapshot of what your life is about at that moment in time. It’s a work of art that you keep creating as your life changes and it deserves to be documented, honored, and remembered fondly. When Masha and I were living across the hall from each other at NYU our lives were about discovering New York, drinking champagne out of coffee mugs, writing on the walls to memorize detailed facts about Paris’ history (me), navigating insane business internship interviews (Masha), building up the confidence to be the independent adults that comes with being able to navigate and incorporate into this amazing city and finally finally being surrounded by people who made you feel comfortable being yourselves. Our dorm rooms reflected that transitional crazy time in our lives with a mish-mash of university-standard furniture and Ikea staples interspersed with one-of-a-kind thrift store finds and various craft projects (much to my dormmates’ dismay, I was then exploring my addiction to gold spray paint through the form of space and time-consuming craft projects.)
Masha was my first friend in a city where I knew absolutely no one. She’s originally from Russia and has this self-assurance and dry-whit that immediately drew me in. She’s chic, organized and business-minded but also sweet and irresistibly quirky. Last year, when Taylor and I visited New York for Christmas, we crashed on her couch in her brand new apartment. I was so proud of my first friend to own property (on the Upper West Side no less!) and to see her putting down roots and coming into her own so elegantly. This place had potential written all over it. A few days after we left, she gutted the apartment and started renovations. I love renovations. When I left LA for this trip a year later, Taylor made me promise to take photos of the apartment and the second I walked in the door to her place I thought, “Oh, this is SO Masha.”
Here is her chic, charming, unafraid of color, with little dashes of Masha-quirk Upper West Side one-bedroom flat. I love it and I love her for always graciously hosting me.

Baby Girl O'Brien: Maternity

Pat + Sandi are expecting their first little one this April. Newborn photos of her coming soon! p.s. Don't you just love Sandi's white dress from Free People?? I do!

The Ballerina Bride

You guys. I love this shoot so much... Now that all of my close girl friends are getting married, we're having so much fun playing dress-up and doing inspiration shoots to really take advantage of this speccial time in their lives! When Meghan got engaged I knew her soft, delicate features and blonde hair fit the bill perfectly for a little ballerina inspired bridal shoot that I had been daydreaming about for a while. We decided that we would do it on our annual trip to Big Bear that we take with our group of friends and take advantage of the snow for a wintery feel. Meghan's styling (including the tulle skirt which we made ourselves) was a collective effort of the bride, Erika Carbajal and myself and the hair/make-up is the stunning work of Erika Carbajal. My job is so's really not fair. 

Sunday Morning With My Boys

 I love waking up the day after I shoot a wedding and snuggling up with T and the fur babies! It's such a great reminder of how much love I am surrounded with every day.

New Client Gift Packages

Part of my new branding: new wedding clients get a personalized welcome package! These two gift boxes just went out with some goodies for the lovers.
In the first package (for a wedding at the Santa Barbara Zoo this fall), I included champagne, a zebra pen and feather notepad, a monogrammed mug with their soon-to-be Mr. + Mrs. last name from Anthropologie and some really yummy mocha coffee!

In the second package (for a beachy-chic boho wedding in Palos Verdes), I included two Lucky Buddha beers (which double as really cute flower vases after the beer is gone), shea butter soap, de-stress herbal wellness tea AND the yummy mocha coffee! So excited to make these for more of my new clients!!

Oh and I got some of the coffee for myself too...

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